Forex Freedom:
How To Quit Chasing Trends And Start Riding With Them

 By not allowing false moves against the momentum to shake you out of the trade,

Our Momentum Quarters Theory Turns Pennies Into Dollars

Hi, I'm Matt Watson and I want to introduce you to a simple, reliable way to trade Forex.
It doesn't have to be as complicated as you think it is.

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Do You Want to Finally Start Trading Forex Profitably?

If you're like most aspiring forex traders, you've probably tried your hand at trading currencies before with limited success. You've read books, watched videos, and tried to put what you've learned into practice, but consistently profitable trades have been elusive.

That's because most forex education out there teaches general concepts without providing a clear, step-by-step strategy for identifying high-probability trades. They simply expect you to figure it all out on your own. But trading is hard. Without a proven plan to follow, most traders end up getting overwhelmed and making mistakes that cost them money.

That's why I created Forex Trading Pro - a complete program that gives you access to the exact forex trading strategy I'm using to profitably trade currencies. I call it the Momentum Quarters Theory, and it's unlike anything you've seen before. 

By looking at key economic data, price action, and market sentiment measures, my system identifies high-probability forex trading opportunities with precision. I'll teach you what key indicators to look for, when to enter trades, where to place stop losses, and how to manage winning positions for maximum profitability.
A membership with Forex Trading Pro gives you:
  • Step-by-step video lessons walking you through the Momentum Quarters Theory
  • Daily trade alerts whenever a high-probability setup is identified
  • Access to my private online community of traders using the system
  • ​Weekly coaching calls where you can ask me any trading questions
  • ​Monday kick off sessions to game plan for the week
  • ​Live trading during major calendar events

My goal is to take you from forex novice to consistently profitable forex trader as quickly as possible. I won't waste your time with useless theories. This is all about learning exactly how I trade currencies every day to make a reliable income.

By joining Forex Trading Pro, you can finally trade forex with confidence and profitability. If you're ready to become the forex trader you know you can be, join me and let's embark on this journey together!
~ Matt Watson


  • Forex trading offers the capability of both buying long or selling short, so you will have the potential to generate trading opportunities in both bull and bear markets.
  • The Forex market trades 24 hours per day, 5 ½ days per week. The extended hours provides people, with challenging time commitments, a viable option to trade.
  • ​Focusing on only 4 types of Forex pairs allows you to make uncomplicated trades.
  • The large volume of trading the 4 major markets with available liquidity offers a lot of fast moving opportunities for you to take advantage of.


We Leverage Quarter Levels

The use of major quarterly price levels as targets and areas of support and resistance makes this strategy very distinctive.

These major price zones often act as strong support/resistance as price is "drawn" to them.

Pinpointing targets and defined support/resistance are essential for reliable profit taking and risk management. 
And provides added confidence in knowing when to enter and exit targets.

We Capitalize on Pullback Entries

This allows efficient trade location with tight stops so you capture full profit potential.

Entering trades on short-term pullbacks to key levels goes against the common urge to chase breakouts.
This contrarian approach gives an edge.

Buying on short-term dips against the overall trend allows better trade location and reduced risk over chasing breakouts blindly.

We Incorporate News Filtering

You’ll understand how to time your entries for maximum favorable market conditions and confirmation.

Checking upcoming economic news events adds a layer of confirmation and helps time entries for maximum news impact.

This additional layer of confirmation stacks probabilities in the trader's favor so trades align with fundamentals.

We Focus on
THE Dollar 

Precise directional bias means you only trade in your favor during ideal conditions.

We strategically focus on the dollar to determine strength or weakness for currencies paired with it. This provides additional trade confirmation and directional bias.

Explicitly focusing on pound strength vs US dollar weakness gives an accurate directional and fundamental bias for higher probability setups.

We Recommend Conservative Ratios

This protects your account from drawdowns so you can steadily build profits over time.

Only trading setups with a minimum 3:1 reward-to-risk ratio means very disciplined trade entry and account protection.

The discipline of 3:1+ reward:risk aims to provide profitable trades at outset. It prevents overtrading and solidifies a patient and protective mindset.
Together, these unique facets promote patience, precision,
and increased confidence.

By waiting for high-probability setups defined by specific rules and conditions, profits come with greater consistency and less effort.

The strategy aligns technicals with fundamentals using specific criteria.
This promotes superior returns over more generalized and haphazard approaches.


  • Home Study | The Momentum Quarters Theory Value $495
  • Daily Trade Alerts Value $295
  • ​Private Online Community Value $195
  • ​Weekly Coaching Calls Value $345
  • ​Monday Game Plan Sessions Value $345
  • ​Live Trading During Calendar Events Value $175

VALUE $1,850


  • Ours is a hands-on Forex trading program that offers the most effective strategy that can be used by traders of all experience. 
  • ​It’s a complete experience taking you from foundations to strategy to research, and then to trading with live in-the-market-condition coaching.
  • It’s instructional, immersive and interactive. Our program is designed to give you a life-changing skill that keeps on giving.
The bottom-line outcomes provided by these unique 5 attributes include:
1. Greater confidence and clarity for high-probability trades
2. The ability to maximize profitable trades
3. Downside protection for your account and capital
4. Reduced stress and effort through high-quality setups
5. Steady account growth over the long-term
By focusing only on high-probability trades defined by specific rules,
you benefit from superior risk management, trade location, and accuracy.

let the market and the strategy do the hard work for you.


Module 1 
  • Forex Foundations
  • History, Terminology and Market Structure
  • Pips, Interest Rates
Module 2
  • Understanding Relative Strength and Momentum Trading
  • Risk Management and Application
Module 3
  • Currency Pairs
  • Building Forex Price Structures On Charts And Identifying Multiple Time Frame Analysis On
    USD And Non JPY Pairs
Module 4
  • Using Moving Averages
  • Implementing the Momentum Quarters Theory



I started trading in 2015 as a means to supplement my income and make money from home, so that I could start my family. I quickly fell in love with trading when I saw it as a viable income source.

I've traded stocks, options and forex, but I really love the simplicity of forex trading.

I consider myself a ‘chart geek’ and enjoy a healthy obsession with the financial markets.

A few of my favorite things are trading, working out, personal development, and to always be learning.

Prior to trading, I spent years as a pastor, teacher, counselor and dean. My passion for continual growth and for helping others is evident in my coaching style.

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